The Addam’s Family Musical

Emily Burns

The cast of the Addams Family came together to put on The Addams Family Musical, with the help from their director Mr. Mclaughlin, the vocal director Mrs. Langdon, as well as the band director Mr. Tucker. The Addams Family is a musical comedy that portrays two families who live completely different lives coming together. The Addams Family from New York, and the Beinkes from Ohio. They came together for their daughter Wednesday Addams and son Lucas Beineke who are in love and have a hard time telling their parents their big secret. Throughout the musical, it switches between scenes that takes place in New York. Most of the scenes are in the Addams family house. From Grandma Addams dance moves, and Uncle Fester being in love with the moon, to Pugsley trying to break up Wednesday and Lucas. There’s plenty of humor to be found in the Addams Family musical. Personally I think the musical was very funny and the cast had a lot of talent.

The Addams Family cast consisted of Boston Tucker ‘19 (Gomez Addams), Holly Bingham ‘18 (Morticia Addams), Olivia Schneider ‘18 (Wednesday Addams), Elle Johnson ‘18 (Grandma Addams), Nolan King ‘18 (Uncle Fester), Mark Torneteten ‘20 (Lurch), Dane Noreville ‘19 (Lucas Beineke), Michael Jefferis ‘20 (Mal Beineke), and McAlister Overholtzer ‘18 (Alice Beineke). The ancestors are played by Emily Finnegan ‘18, Kendra Johnson ‘18, Arianna Young ‘18, Alexis Bach ‘19, Jayvon Bailey ‘19, Samantha Beardslee ‘21, Morgan Beckner ‘21, Natalie Beyenhof ‘21, Max Couch ‘19, Jaya Davis ‘21, Josh Dickinson ‘21, Taylor French ‘20, Tabatha Hogueison ‘20, Emara Klein ‘19, Grace Peterson ‘19, Caleb Putnam ‘19, Chole Spitsnogle ‘21, Gillian Sprecher ‘20, Mackenzie Storey ‘20, Madison Stout ‘21, Chloe Studer ‘20, and Kelsey Walker ‘20.

Photos by Emma Croghan and Jon Smith