Raine & Kyle Review: Goldberg’s

Raine & Kyle Review: Goldberg's

Raine King and Kyle Beck

For our final review of the year, we wanted to do something special. So we thought to ourselves, if anyone should ever look for a classic American tavern with a family friendly atmosphere, they should look no further than Goldberg’s In Dundee. Located in the Dundee area of Omaha, this homey restaurant has many satisfying choices to make you feel like you’re out for a night on the town with your friends or with family. You can locate this terrific spot on 5008 Dodge Street. Just think, it could be a great spot for a graduation party!


My first thought when entering the restaurant was, that it was a pretty laid back place, we sat ourselves and got our drinks fast. Kyle had gave his “expert opinion” and I ordered an appetizer of hummus, which came with warm pita bread slices and was exquisite. I had ordered a southwest burger which was well made and tasted great, but it was supposed to be spicy and came with absolutely no spice. The service was okay, the waitress got our drinks filled and got the food out fast, but it was all work and no outside conversation was had, I don’t even believe that she had given her name. Overall the atmosphere was great and the food was pretty good, bring some pals and hang out! I would give this restaurant 8/10 spears.


Goldberg’s has always been a special place to go out for my family. The restaurant is very casual, so there’s no need for formalities. Half the time you can go ahead and seat yourself. For an appetizer, Raine ordered my favorite, which is the roasted red pepper hummus served with warm pita bread. The appetizer, being my favorite, comes best with warm pita after all. For an entrée, I ordered the Golden Fingers. Five chicken strips with curly fries and BBQ sauce. All of which, was excellent. The service was great too. We didn’t need to ask that much for any drink refills and the waitress was very kind and attentive, but there wasn’t any other form of conversation. Overall I give Goldberg’s 9.5/10 spears.