What We’re Excited For


Caylee Will and Emma Croghan

Caylee: Co-editor is really exciting and the thought of not only getting to do that, but also getting to do it with someone I know that I will be able to keep level-headed with is so much better. Emma and I might not always agree on somethings and I know that we won’t always agree on things that happen in the newspaper but I know that the both of us will be able to sort it out and come to conclusion that works for everybody.

There are so many responsibilities that come with this job and it will be a little tougher next year as there are more upcoming freshman that are going to be joining us. So many people have started to join newspaper and it is really interesting and exciting to see so many people wanting to be a part of what we have a passion for. We have been in this newspaper for the last two years and we have definitely been here for the years the newspaper changed the most. Our first year Mrs. Langille was still the advisor and there was a total of nine people in newspaper. It was small and that just made us all closer. This year was different as Ms. Sieck is now the advisor and there are almost twenty people in newspaper. It can be a little overwhelming at times but now we are just a bigger family that has more to love.

Emma: I’ve been dreaming of being editor since I started newspaper last year. What could make it better than doing it with someone you consider a sister? Caylee and I have been talking about being co-editors together since the beginning of the year. I believe 100% that next year will be full of new opportunities and excitement for everyone and The Wire.
Next year there might be some changes, but hopefully they’ll all be for the greater good of the newspaper. It’s always hard to tell how many people will join us. But we have full faith in all of the staffers who have been in newspaper for some time will be very welcoming and help any new people. It’s very exciting to just think that we’ll will be seniors and running The Wire with a talented group that we’ve grown to love as family.