How To Save Groceries During The CoronaVirus


Faith Wade, Staff

For years, something noticeable is how teens have gone out and bought fast food instead of making it themselves.  But what happens if a pandemic like this one shuts those places down? What if the store’s stock is short? Well, that’s when teens need to learn how to cook homemade products.

My mother has been making homemade products for a long time and has even made some profit while making these products.  So I decided to interview her and ask her some questions on how to make homemade products, but also the cost aftermath as well.

Faith: “How long have been baking homemade products?”

Mom: “I started making homemade products a little after you were born; so around 15 years.”

Faith:  “So in this case you have experience with it. How much would you say you have saved around average monthly?”

Mom: “It depends on whatever I need, so around $200-250 a month.”

Faith: “That’s very convenient!  So due to the virus going around, how much do you go out and get products?”

Mom:  “Depending on what I make, it’s about every 2-3 weeks give or take.  Although since the virus is going on it makes it easier to social-distance ourselves to keep us safe.”

Faith: “What homemade recipes would you recommend?”

Mom:   “Bread, pasta noodles, and we grow a garden every year, and have been canning since 2015.  For treats however, I do recommend brownies, cheesecake, and cookies.”

Faith: “Have you noticed any change in your body that helps you fight off sicknesses?”

Mom:  “My stomach doesn’t hurt as much as it did with pre-processed foods;and I found that by doing more things from scratch that doesn’t happen as much anymore.  Our grandpa Gdowski has been gardening all his life and is 90 years old.”

Faith: “What are some benefits by making homemade goods?”

Mom:  “The food tastes better homemade and I have actually had people pay me to make them goods; it helps fill you up quicker and you can control what you put in it.”

To this point, we have the idea that making homemade goods is a good way of keeping yourself healthy and helps extend human life.  Making homemade foods also helps with expenses in financial situations, like I mentioned in a question earlier. I asked my mom about monthly/weekly expenses and how that affected the financial part of it:

Faith: “How much does making homemade goods help you save weekly?”

Mom: “For weekly, it normally depends but somewhat around $50.”

Faith: “How much did you spend before making goods homemade?”

Mom:  “Around $350 before; but now like I said earlier it’s nothing really past $50.”

Faith: “How can you watch for sales?”

Mom:  “Weekly ads, and also flyers like Hyvee or Russ’s that come out online at midnight so you can look at the next day.”

At this point, my dad came in and decided to join in on the questions and helped answer questions with my mom. He explained about the storage room and how long the canning provided us.

Dad: “We have a little storage room downstairs that we keep our canning in.  This helps us have food stock for months, or even years, and so that way we don’t spend as much as we used to.”

Faith: “What would you say for people who are first starting out in saving and by making homemade goods?  Any tips?”

Mom:  “Don’t get frustrated with it.  Just because it’s hard; be patient with it, and advertising always helps!”

This article was made to just help other people by what we do and we just want to help people with the virus going on if they don’t want to go out as much.  These questions and answers belong to my family, the Wade family. And I hope this article brought some helpful tips!