Game of Thrones: What I Think Thus Far

¨A lion does not concern himself with the opinion of sheep,¨ - Tywin Lannister


Game of Thrones (HBO) - Season 1 Intro

Alex Spetman, Reporter

Both visually appealing to watch, and brutal most other times. Game of Thrones is an action-packed adventure that is set in the fictional world of Westeros. A place that is very much reminiscent of the Norwegian-Swedish border. A place that is both beautiful and in many cases; extremely deadly.


This TV/book series takes place in the land of Westeros; it houses 7 kingdoms: The North, The Vale, The Stormlands, The Reach, The Westerlands, The Iron Island/Riverlands, and Dorne. All kingdoms have their own culture and set of beliefs. Now I don’t have the gist of everything yet, I’m only on the third season and many things are being introduced to me. It clearly takes place in a fantasy-type world where there are dragons, zombie-like creatures (White Walkers), and Dire Wolves. It’s also accompanied by its fair share of bandits, knights, and of course Kings and Queens. It makes it very clear from the get-go that “Winter is Coming,”- a time where the light is outweighed by the dark, and the underbelly of the land starts to show. Other-beings and creatures start to show, making the land dangerous, everyone becomes hostile and paranoid with each other (from what I’ve seen at least).

My Opinion

In my opinion, the show starts off very very well. Showcasing a threat that lurks behind ‘The Wall’, a place that seems to protect the kingdoms from the far north. Beyond the wall is what I would imagine that a forest located by/near the mountains would look like. Snowy, cold and overall pretty empty. There are signs of life but whatever lives there is either hiding or asleep; adding this eerie atmosphere that makes a beautiful landscape creepy. Itś is devoid of birds or any ´nature-noises´itś completely silent. Someone who is clearly just a bit of a throw away because there is nothing on him that really mentions he is a main character (yes there is more than one main character), stumbles upon a morbid set of art. His group was hunting people down, he ended up finding them all mangled up and strewn about, remains of men, women, and children kind of organized into a bit of a shrine. I´ll let you see the rest.

The acting is very good on this show, and the writing is also amazing. It´s also worth a mention that whenever I watch the intro I somehow get superhyped to see what this episode has to offer. On a side note, the theme song for this show is amazing and the intro changes dynamically which is something I´ve noticed. The map layout of Westeros will change based on the kingdoms seen within the show. For example: right after I saw The Vale (kingdom of the skies) it was shown on the map next episode. I honestly cannot wait to get more into the story and see what this show has to offer. There are books as well, this show is based on the ¨Song of Ice and Fire¨ series. And I cannot deny, after this show, I might check the books out.

My overall rating on this show so far is a solid 9/10

It´s a slow show but that can be easily forgiven with battle scenes that are intense beyond belief. Now, keep in mind this is an adult show; there are graphic scenes and that can really push people away. But if you love a good story and an engaging cast… then this is the show for you.