The Top Five Movies to Love on Your Couch

Lawrence Beardmore, Reporter


1-50 First Dates-Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. From a playboy to a devoted boyfriend-the only problem is that the girl of his dreams has no short term memory, so she relives the same day over and over. It is a sappy romance with some laughs that only Sandler can give us. When the topic of memory comes to play must people don’t find pleasure in talking about it but in my eyes this movie shows that even something that is as sad as memory loss can be used to show true love. She will find a way to fall in love with him every day. 3/5 stars

2-Shrek-From the swap to the castle Shrek takes us on a journey to remember. This backwards fairy tail has the ogre get the girl the chemistry of the voice actors together gives you a sense of true feeling for one and other. The ogre on a mission to get his swamp back with his donkey the two are there to free a pour soul trapped in a castle but what they found were their soulmates.4/5 stars

3-Scott Pilgrim VS The world-In this movie we focus on Scott who is love with the new girl in town he leaves his schoolgirl girlfriend, and is trying to talk the girl he ends up with her but he has a problem she has seven exs the will stop at nothing to kill Scott in fight scenes strait out of a comic book or game.From a fire controlling pirate boy to a set of twins to a woman he must beat them all with each victory getting him to the boss. 5/5 stars

4-Romeo+Juliet-Modern adaptation of the times love story they have thrown out the steel of a sword for the vaper and brass of guns. Tho it is modern it has the same emotion as it did back then. A young Leo has found his love but for his demise she is from a rival gang the star crossed lovers stuck to hide their love from their parents would never approve of. The bullets fly in this adaptation of the world’s most well known love drama.3.5/5 stars

5-Twight- a seventeen-year-old outcast, moves a small town to live with her father, Charlie, who is the police chief of town. At her new high school, Bella makes several new friends Bella meets Edward and sits next to Edward in biology class on her first day of school.  After a week of absence from school, Edward returns to school and talks to her.A few days later, Bella is nearly struck by a van in the school parking lot. Edward saves her by instantaneously covering a distance of over thirty feet, and putting himself between Bella and the van, stopping it with only his hand He refuses to explain his actions to Bella, and warns her against befriending him. Edward is a great character and a well rounded set up for what he shown to be later. Bella needs to work on her action in some spots other then that is is a great love story.2.5/5 stars