Toxic Twitter

Hundred Dollar Culture

Toxic Twitter

Kate Doolittle, Photography Editor

It’s no secret that social media can be a bad influence on the people who use it, and a striking example is a recent trend I’ve seen on Twitter. I call it “hundred dollar” culture. This trend is characterized by a specific format of tweet, beginning with the words “100 dollars to…” and usually ending with a dig at people who partake in “mainstream” culture.

These may seem like innocent tweets, but within this “hundred dollar” trend I’ve noticed a slightly more disturbing one. All four of the examples below are directed at women, a bias which runs through the majority of tweets that are formatted this way. This trend as a whole allows men to pigeon-hole women into distinct categories based on their likes and dislikes. Asinine categories like, “girls who drink starbucks,” “girls who pretend to like sports,” and “girls who use snapchat too much.” Categories based on nothing of substance, only arbitrary tastes. People are complex beings with multifaceted personalities. Music taste or fashion taste or coffee taste has no bearing on your worth as a person, and tweets like this reduce their subjects to little more than a popular stereotype. It’s a terribly archaic system of berating people for liking what they like.

Even if these tweets hold water, even if girls do drink a lot of starbucks and take a lot of selfies, why does that mean their tastes are invalid? Popular things are popular for a reason, so to call people out for liking things that are too mainstream is ridiculous. It’s especially ridiculous when you realize  the caller-outer is actively participating in mainstream culture by tweeting something so trendy. Overall, this format of tweet is tired, it’s not funny, and it’s founded on casual misogyny which, let’s face it, is not very cool. At this point, I’d offer 100 dollars to anyone who hasn’t tweeted one of these “100 dollar” tweets.

$100 to any girl that doesn’t drink Starbucks daily”

— @RidiculousDak

$100 dollars to any girl who doesn’t put the super bowl on her Snapchat story”

— @metroboomingcam

100 dollars to anyone that doesn’t know a girl with the middle name Marie”

— @Independence_G

$100 dollars to any white girl that hasn’t used the beach vibe filter on Snapchat”

— @myles_gore