Socialize or Snapchat?

Its a techno world


Caylee Will, Co-Editor

     In today’s society technology has advanced so much and it helps improve everyday life. Or so it says it does. But does it really help to have a tv with over 50 channels? Or a phone that can take almost as good as pictures as a regular camera and is very close to weighing the same? Does a phone with the capability to show you the weather, doing a better job than walking outside? How do know? But the use of technology is more than just these things. It’s a distraction. It’s causing people to not be able to do normal things when technology is around them. It’s said technology is a better use of time. It helps, it evolves, it creates. And yet, it still distracts.

     Distraction and procrastination is a huge thing in this generation, and I am definitely a part of that. In fact, while I was writing this article I kept getting distracted by the show I was watching, and by the fact that I could open a new tab in seconds and be playing any game. This article took me a bit to write. Distraction of technology was a huge contributor to this. Tech distraction though isn’t just when writing a paper. It happens in any situation. Students at school hiding their phone behind a desk or textbook so they can respond to a tweet or a snapchat. Families sit at the dinner table, not talking, because they are all on their phones scrolling through Tumblr. People at a event (like a football game or movie) are sitting in the back texting and scrolling cause they are bored. Our brains have apparently become bored with everything around us. We also don’t know how to have a face to face conversation anymore. And many people can’t go 10 minutes without having to check their phone. Why? We live in a world where interaction is one of the most basic human needs. Without it, we will most likely die. Paying attention in class helps you graduate, get a degree, and start a job. Socializing with your family and friends helps you develop social skills, and keeps you from being lonely. And watching the movie or football game gives you relaxing time. Time to cool off, re-evaluate, and re-charge. Sitting on your phone just distracts you from the things you need most.

     In today’s society we live in a world full of tech. Phones, laptops, tvs, gaming consoles, and plenty more. Technology isn’t bad. It actually helps in many ways. But it distracts from the things we need most. So next time, put your phone away when you’re eating with friends or family, stash your phone in your bag at the football game, and try to pay attention in class. Because it can only get better from there.