The Life/Mind of a Murderer: Ted Bundy (Part 1)

The story of the “real life boogeyman”

Alex Spetman, Reporters

The Life/Mind of a Murderer: Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy was an Infamous serial killer who was active during the 1970’s. We cannot go into the full extent of what he did, for it is too graphic. No one knows the full extent of what Bundy did to his victims but himself. He kidnapped, raped, assaulted, murdered, and then performed unspeakable acts on the young women that he murdered. This is the story of Ted Bundy. Ted Bundy wasn’t his birth name, his birth name was originally Theodore Robert Cowell (Ted Cowell). He was born November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont. His mother was named Eleanor Louise Cowell and his father had taken off after finding out she was pregnant. She gave birth to him as an “unwed mother,” faced with limited options his mother moved in with her parents (Ted’s grandparents).
For the longest time Ted believed that his Grandma and Grandpa were his parents and that his mother was his sister. Ted was subjected to abuse and at a very young age he saw very violent adult movies. At a young age he ended up finding out that his mother was indeed not his sister, and this would cause a life long resentment with his mother; never forgiving her for lying to him.
At a young age his family knew something was wrong with Bundy, one night his aunt woke up to kitchen knives laid out all around her, and he was known to scare his family members with his random personality changes; once being a sweet boy to a very angry being they did not recognize. Ted’s Grandpa is believed to be abusive with Ted and animals often beating his mother as well.
His mother soon fell in love with a veteran and a cook, his name was John Bundy. He soon adopted Ted, giving him his now infamous surname. He was very close to his younger brother all the way to his mother. John and the often smarter Ted would clash, sometimes turning into physical violence. Ted’s years in school were very uneventful, but he had an unhealthy obsession with sex. As he progressed to high school he became somewhat of a loner, having very few friends. But he was never short of female admirers, but much to their displeasure he never dated through high school.
Entering his adulthood he became more and more attracted to the opposite sex; he was good-looking, charming, and intelligent. But his outer shell was hiding an increasingly tortured mind, and Bundy saw himself as a loser and an outsider. During his high school years he was a
keen sportsman, although his achievements were limited he did become an accomplished skier and an accomplished thief, since money was tight in the family he would steal what he needed, most of it being for skiing.
In 1965 Bundy graduated from high school and enrolled at the University of Washington in Seattle. It was here he met the girl of his dreams, her name was Stephanie Brooks, Stephanie was slightly older than Bundy and was of a higher social status. They became a bit of an item, almost impossible to separate. Bundy was infatuated with Stephanie and he was desperate to impress her, but inwardly he thought that he felt he was not worthy of her, he had this remarkable ability to hide his inner turmoil. Stephanie finally ended the relationship in 1968, this is when Bundy’s already broken/fractured mind began to unravel.
He decided to leave Seattle and university saying the memories were too painful, and he needed to get away. Bundy left Washington state in the winter of 1968, and headed to San Francisco before flying to Denver to ski, and then Philadelphia to visit family. He then moved back to Seattle to try to piece his life back together, but by now the break up has taken irretrievable toll; and Bundy’s mask of charm and respectability was hiding a very disturbed character…

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