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Jon Smith, Fine Art's Editor

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The Legend of Goatman’s Bridge

That’s right your beloved monster hunter is back and to start off here’s something i got. Oscar Washburn was known as a goat herder in the time he lived. Because of his booming business he was given the name, Goatman at first he didn’t like the name but he soon he grew accustomed to it and even put up a sign on the bridge saying come to come to Goatmans house. But good publicity always has a negative side, two K.K.K members had saw his business and were jealous so that night they threatened him and his family. But Oscar came out with a shot gun while the Klan had torches and so he told them all to leave but some started to move and so he shot a warning shot into the air they all scattered back to town but one said he will be back plus everyone else.

Oscar went inside to his house to see his kids and wife in the corner quivering, when he approached his wife told him” The devil wants them out” and Oscar remarked with a, i’m paraphrasing “ no devil is gonna kick me out” he than stated he was the man of the house and this was his job. The next night the Ku Klux Klan get their wish and came back and dragged Oscar out onto the bridge that connected his house to the town, the Klan than commensed to lynching Oscar he than died by the long noose of the rope. The Klan than burned the house with the family still in it, three days later Oscars body was gone as if a good samaritan took him down and gave him a proper burial within those three days each member of the Klan that was there during his death were killed.

Many people say if you stand on the bridge you would here the oath he gave to his family and if you stand by the house you can feel the heat from the fire burning your skin. But to this day many people say they can see Oscar but as a mutation of the one famed nickname he was given, Beware the legend of the Goatman.