Top Ten Nebraska Haunts

Jon Smith, Fine Art's Editor

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10. Central High School, Neb.
At number ten comes central high school which is known for its ghost dean and janitor who’s spirits stayed after their death, with what i could pick up i could not find a name for either of the two. Unexplained cold spots had been explained in the hallways of the school, while many other students and staff have witnessed a shadow in the principal’s office waving, maybe as a way of saying hi. Than a voice starts to talk but there’s nobody there just a disembodied voice just saying” I know your all here”. I would search this place but there have been known threats to the school and students so i just decided to let them be free, mostly since there really friendly there in no way mischievous or harmful.

9. Brother Sebastian’s, Neb.
William Wolcott was an elderly gentleman who would occasionally eat here but when his untimely death occured, his spirit stayed at the resturaunt. Now since it still lingers there have been many observations of a haunting, I actually called and talk to an employee and she told me that when they lock up the corner booth on the right has a candle that would stay on and that someone thought there was still a customer but no one was there. Usually a ghost can manipulate objects, but also there are cold spots which can explain the haunting therefore Mr. Walden still resides there but he’s not at all threatening.

8. Alliance Theater, Alliance Neb.
So originally the plans for this hotel was to be demolished then be constructed into a theater but it was just transformed. This theater belongs in Alliance, Nebraska, it’s not wide known but the ghost is something else, many people reported hearing disembodies footsteps and shadowy figures in the hallways walking. To tell you the truth the ghost seems like a nice guy so i wouldn’t worry and this place is haunted so when you get popcorn get a lot of salt on the side. Bye the way salt is said to protect you from ghosts and demons.

7. Centennial Hall, Valentine
Before this became a museum it was a public high school, that was made in 1897 it’s actually the oldest high school in Nebraska. But during the year of 1944 a young girl died due to poisoning from her reed on her flute which killed her but that many teachers said, they saw her ghost just wandering the hall with a sense of sadness. The school was then converted into the museum you know today, but now many people say they hear band instruments but there has not been in that museum for years, maybe the little girl is just trying to have fun since her childhood was taken from her.

6. Barnard Park, Fremont Neb.
Now people now this park as a thriving and beautiful place while back some years it was a cemetery, when the park was made bodies were left no one either did not know or just did not care. But now a ghost of a women has been seen walking the trails crying maybe her body was lost in the grass or maybe something even more tragic had occurred.

5. Antelope Park
Behind this park you will see the house of the groundskeeper and usually people can see apparitions walking in the field next to the house then disappear into the forest across the field, while there is gruesome details to be unrattled. So basically 20 years ago a man hanged himself at a child’s playground using the swing, so at night some people get this uneasy feeling there being watched in this area. For all i know he could’ve been a Stalker.

4. Seven Sister’s road
This roads name is really road L, but everyone knows it bye the name seven sisters road as in the fairy tale, oh you don’t know let me tell you. So the legend goes along the lines of a 19th century household in which seven women lived and they would feud with this man no one knew if he was the brother or father or what. Than when the man snapped he snapped the sisters neck and bye that i mean he took each of the sisters to seven different trees on several different hills and hung them one bye one. Since than the road has become one of the most haunted roads in the state, since anyone who drives through there will hear the cry’s and screams of the sisters and your car battery would go out. Nothing is really known of what happened to the man but i would guess he tragically died of being hung since ghosts can inhabit objects and control them.

3. Ball cemetery, Springfield
So being someone who can think you already know that ghost stories will revolve around dead bodies and the stories they took to there graves. Visitors have said many a times how they would see an apparition of a tall man who has been known to attack after dark. Than there’s a female joker who will laugh uncontrollably and will tug on your clothes. Than comes the photo bombing ghost in the pictures you take.

2. Cornerstone mansion bed and breakfast
The known existence of this B&B dates back to 1894 and because of the haunting’s it is one of the most famous haunted hotel in the state, while the two apparition’s have been seen around the whole building inside and out. One of the apparitions is a young man who has been seen wandering the halls and the other one is an old man who is seen siting in a rocking chair in the lounge, while the most common is disembodied footsteps heard in the halls during sundown to sunrise. These two are no issue there friendly but don’t make contact with humans while the poltergeist in the building loves to reign havoc when there are any special celebrations and destroys objects in it’s path, don’t worry it doesn’t kill humans well i think? This establishment alone isn’t being haunted but a small house on the grounds is haunted too, the carriage house has the same issue’s like the cornerstone mansion has. Their a ghost in the carriage sweet known as Emily, not much is know but she was beaten to death bye her husband and now she has a strong hatred for men. If i go without a girl i’m dead meat, like literally.

1. Forest Lawn Cemetery Chapel
The basement in particular is worse than any ghosts by there headstones, this ghost is full of anger. For those who found courage in the face of danger described the Wraith or “shadow” as a tall shadowy mass in the basement moving around and many investigators talked about hearing a malevolent voice in the basement ordering them to leave. While some investigators have this surge in there body as if they were just electrocuted in water. The shadow would pull on their hair or even coming close to pushing them down the stairs, this place truly has a pissed off ghost. So if i ever go to this cemetery would you go with me would you face death and go from hell and back to be my equal, answer that question? Are you willing to face this, Demon!.