Cryptid Hunt

Jon smith, Fine art's Editor

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The Walking Dead

That’s right your favorite monster hunter is back so to start off with something here is the Walking Dead. Zombies are basically the dead who have been reanimated, like how in movies they talk about a sort of magic spell being announced, or some type of chemical agent while zombie came from west Africa as “Zombi”. While when slaves were captured and were put to hard labor some believe there souls did not peaceful leave this world but instead was filled anger and hatred and came back as an UN-dead freak of nature. Zombies are like a shell maybe even a husk of what a human was, it’s like saying a snake sheds its own skin. Like how zombies are thought to be mindless beings but the truth is there brain is functional like in warm bodies, the movie about a zombie teen who falls in love with a human teen and at the end turns human. In Haiti there’s more of a past in voodoo and magic with zombies, to how they became what they are. But now there more adapted into film and television, like the hit series, The Walking Dead, Z Nation that’s pretty well all of them, they all portray zombies as entities that need to be killed. To say i can’t really go so far into depth or i would just confuse you all, thanks for reading enjoy this issue of the wire, and zombies are alive at night watch yourself or you’ll be…